Monday, December 9, 2013

New Challenges

Well, I did not get to kick off the game as planned. A series of things led to the group playing a different game last week.  The group decided to start playing a earlier in the evening. An old player from out of town was back, and two new players are joining the group.

The group decided to move our start time up by an hour. Long run, this is a good decision.  Unfortunately, I had an appointment I could not change with the short notice. This along with a renewed focus on getting stuck in, will lead to more quality "game" time.

It was awesome to see an old friend.  It looks like he will be taking a job in another state. Whatever gaming group he ends up with will have a great player.

The new players are going to fit in well, I think. One GMed the game we ended up playing and did a good job.  I really enjoyed my character. A paladin, not to bright but very devout, seeing the world in stak contrast of black and white.

I don't know if the game we played on Thursday will be one of the regulars that we play. Right now we run an every other week schedule between two games. The other GM said he wanted to finish up his adventure, the new game was fun and players are excited to get to my game, so we will see what happens. we might go to a three week rotation or a just drop one of the other games, saving it for oddball weeks when one of the regularly scheduled GMs cant make it.

So, moving forward, I find myself once again with an extra two weeks to prepare, but with a new dilemma. I will have 7 players. I am trying to figure out a good way to make sure everyone gets some spotlight time and protect everyone's niche.  Advice is welcome.


  1. My latest post might help with the pacing a bit..

  2. Any feel for what kind of Character your new player wants?

    Your PC roster was looking something like:
    > A Dwarf Cleric - unknown for buffer/healer/supernatural
    > A Dwarf Knight with ST 20 and +2 Striking St - weapon ?
    > A Half Orc Barbarian or Scout
    > A Human Wizard with fire spell focus
    > A Human Thief
    > A Human or Dragon Blood Knight

    A few ideas for other charactes that would have their own niche:

    1) A High Elf or Half-Elf wizard who gets great haste (for buffing the fighter types), seeker (for finding loot), see secrets (more loot finding), invisiblility (defensive), and air walk (for getting to hard to reach places) will be a great complement to your other wizard. His job is to turn the fighter types into cuisinards and find loot. If there are enough points, get lightning for some offense damage dealling or go after Mass Sleep or Mass Daze. A 10 point Energy Reserve (Magic) [30] is probably worth it too.

    2) A Martial Artist character could be fun. Especially with the extra 50 points. This would be a flanker character with special chi abilities - so a different focus than your other PCs.

    3) A swashbucker would be a different type of flanker. He could have 3+ attacks a second, taking out 3+ mooks a second, while the knights pound on the tanks 1 or 2 hits per second.

    4) An alternative Cleric. If the Dwarf Cleric is a supernatural fighter or buffer, a healer focus would be good to have.

    5) Mystic Knights are a fun option too.